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While many children are rambunctious and go through inattentive phases, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) causes disruptive behaviors that interfere with your child’s success. At Little Wonders Pediatric Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina, Danielle McDaniel, MOT, OTR/L, and her team offer customized occupational and speech therapy services with a holistic approach to help your child develop the skills they need to succeed and lead a fulfilling life. Call Little Wonders Pediatric Therapy to schedule an appointment today.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a brain disorder that interferes with your child’s ability to concentrate, sit still, or control their impulses. Children with ADHD tend to display hyperactive and inattentive behaviors. For example, your child may:

  • Always be on the go
  • Interrupt others
  • Have trouble sitting still
  • Have problems following directions or completing tasks
  • Lose track of their things or seem forgetful
  • Push or grab

Additionally, ADHD can disrupt your child’s ability to complete everyday tasks like preparing their backpack for school or even showering or making their bed. Children with ADHD also often have balance and coordination problems.

If your child has ADHD, they may benefit from additional support in the form of occupational therapy to master some of the motor and cognitive skills needed for academic and social success throughout their lives.


When should I see an occupational therapist for my child’s ADHD?

Schedule a consultation with the team at Little Wonders Pediatric Therapy if your child has ADHD and is experiencing developmental delays as a result. All children develop at their own pace, and it may be hard to tell if your child is behind their peers. But if you have concerns and want to help your child master the skills they need to cope with their condition, make an appointment.

How can occupational therapy help my child with ADHD?

While the most commonly recognized symptoms of ADHD have to do with a child’s behavior, ADHD can also impact a child’s balance, coordination, and organizational skills. An occupational therapist helps your child master these skills with play-based activities and practicing new ways to complete tasks that feel natural and good for your child.

Your therapist also teaches your child organizational strategies to help them manage their time, complete tasks, and keep track of their belongings.

What happens during an occupational therapy session?

The therapists at Little Wonders Pediatric Therapy begin with an assessment of your child to identify how ADHD impacts your child’s school work, social skills, and home life. This may include some testing to find your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Once your therapist understands your child’s needs, they create a customized treatment plan to help your child master the skills necessary to lead a fulfilling life. For example, your therapist may use games and play to enhance your child’s coordination and motor skills, or they may work on activities to practice constructively expressing anger or frustration.

If you’re concerned that ADHD negatively impacts your child’s development, call Little Wonders Pediatric Therapy to make an appointment today.

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