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My son's sessions with Ms. Monica might be just once a week, but we sing her praises every day! Since starting OT for a handwriting problem (static grip instead of dynamic grip), my son has improved his handwriting speed and accuracy. Getting muscle memory for the dynamic grip has helped his behavior at school, since he no longer procrastinates on difficult-for-him writing work, and has allowed him to finally enjoy written expression.

Ms. Monica works with him so well, even creating games tailored to his interests. She always has tips for us parents, and helps us understand how things went at the session and how we can help further at home.

I am incredibly grateful to her and recommend both Ms. Monica and Little Wonders 123.


Thank you for all you have done for John.  He has improved a lot since you started seeing him.  His handwriting has improved a lot and the use of chewy tube has sped him up in doing his homework.  Your thoughtful strategies and consistency have helped him a lot and have lessened my worry and stress.


As a former therapist at Little Wonders, there was no question who would treat my newborn son when his head tilt and gaze preference showed up in his first weeks. I had witnessed the progress with all of the newborns Suzanne had treated and had even been trained by her myself. But as a first-time and full-time mom, I didn't want to be my son's therapist, I just wanted to be "Mama."

After a frantic call to Suzanne when Costen was two weeks old, she reassured me, reminded me of all the "torticollis homework" I myself used to give parents, and said she'd be happy to see me if I was still concerned at one month, even if my husband and pediatrician thought I was wacky. 

Suzanne treated Costen (and me!) with all the affection of a friend and professionalism of a therapist, as she does with all of her clients. She reassured me when I freaked out, as first-time moms do, and offered compassion as she had been there, too.

I am grateful to Suzanne for a lot of things: my first pediatric OT position, her mentorship, and her support, but most of all, I am grateful to her for making my perfect son even more perfect. 


We were referred to Little Wonders (Suzanne) by our pediatrician when our son was 2 months old.  At our 2 month visit, our doctor noticed a head tilt and that our son couldn't look over his right shoulder very well.  Talk about scary.

We were nervous and did not know what to expect. Suzanne was wonderful!!  She greeted us so sweetly and was just the best with our son.  We had our initial evaluation and scheduled our sessions.  Within a few weeks we saw a huge change in our son's ability to move his neck.  He was responding so well to the therapy and he loved Suzanne.

By the end of our time with Suzanne, our son could completely turn his head both ways, he was aligned and he did not need a helmet. He fought through it all with the help of Suzanne.  My husband and I are so thankful for Little Wonders and absolutely recommend them to anyone who is struggling with the same issue. We were thrilled such a place existed with therapists that cared so much about our child's success!  

Thank you!

-Jessica D.

Our son has many "extra features" that have been an adventure to learn to maneuver around.  OT helps him and us immensely in  his journey.  Having the therapists to bounce ideas off of and the hands-on time has changed all of our family for the better.  Little Wonders has unlocked the right combination of activities for our son; turning him from "extra patience needed" to fun to follow, no gimmicks, no meds, no kidding.


In early January 2013 I brought my son, Mason to the pediatrician knowing that we would soon be looking into occupational therapy for his eating difficulties.  Little Wonders was recommended to us and we began working with Suzanne who diagnosed Mason with a strong texture aversion and a hyperactive gag reflex.  Mason was 11 months old when we started.  He was unable to eat anything beyond a level 2 pureed baby food.  He would gag, choke and throw up at virtually every meal.  I would have done anything for him, but I was at a complete loss as to how I could go about helping my son eat.  It was an incredibly stressful time for both of us. Suzanne treated Mason twice a week teaching him to desensitize his gag reflex, to utilize the molar area of his mouth when chewing and to help him distinguish the different textures he would encounter in his meals.  She was incredibaly patient and loving towards Mason and me.  I knew that we were in good hands.  She taught me a varitey of exercises that I could try with him at home.  We worked together to come up with different food/meal options at each of his stages as he made progress towards his goal of eating age appropriate table food.  In 3 short months Mason achieved his goal and is now eating meals along with the rest of our family.  We are forever grateful for Suzanne and all that she has done for our son.  We will recommend Suzanne and Little Wonders Therapy to anyone we know in need of OT services.

-Jeanine and Garrick Cole


Suzanne Bynum at Little Wonders was extremely helpful in treating our daughter's developmental issues related to her torticollis and plagiocephaly. At Lily's first screening at the age of four months, she was moderately to severely hindered by her condition and had notable difficulty using the left side of her body. Thankfully, the weekly occupational therapy sessions at Little Wonders, the many helpful tips Suzanne provided us for home care, and the three months Lily spent in a cranial band, all contributed to substantial progress in Lily's developmental skills. Lily even began showing her twin sister (who did not have the same developmental challenges) how to crawl at eight months old and now, at nine months, she is crawling efficiently and pulling up to standing. She has successfully "graduated" from her weekly therapy sessions and we are very impressed by the improvements she has made in recent months. We are grateful for the loving care and support Suzanne has provided our family during this time and know that Lily is where she is today in large part due to Little Wonders. We would recommend Little Wonders to any family facing a similar situation and will not hesitate to call Suzanne for follow-up treatments, if necessary, as Lily continues to grow and face developmental milestones. 

-Kelly & Anthony Burton


In November of 2007, our son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and it was suggested we get Occupational Therapy for his sensory issues and speech for articulation.  His first evaluation at Little Wonders was almost impossible to complete because he was crying the whole time, wouldn’t let go of my keys, and refused to interact with the therapist.  Simple noises like the air vents would startle and distract his auditory system.  A haircut was an all hands on event for several staff members at the salon.  We had to race through the doors with blowing vents at the store’s entrances because it scared him.  He always carried two cars in each hand to avoid touching things.  He wouldn’t respond when I called his name or asked him to do something.  I had to attend preschool with him for two weeks to get him adjusted and comfortable in his new surroundings.  In the very beginning, we had to do speech therapy during Occupational Therapy because his focus was so short.  It was the hardest and darkest time in my life.  I was terrified of his future.

Suzanne Bynum knows how to regulate my son’s sensory system.  I can bring him in on an off day and he’ll come out in a completely different mood.  Therapeutic Listening helped my son’s auditory system so that he could block out everyday noises that were interfering with his everyday life.  It also improved his motor development so that he could complete multi-step tasks.  I was trained how to do deep pressure brushing that helped further desensitize him and calmed his system.  Suggestions were given to help further strengthen his fine motor skills that we could do at home.

When we started Occupational Therapy three years ago my son was almost 3.  He is now almost 6 and a totally different kid.  If I only dreamed he would be where he is now I could have saved myself from a lot of sleepless nights.  Our son is almost indistinguishable from his peers.  He is in a typical class setting and is in the top of his class academically, has friends, loves getting haircuts, graduated from speech, loves to draw, plays games on the computer, and continues to surprise me daily!

We will always be grateful to Suzanne for the time, dedication and love she showed our son.

-The Royle’s

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